Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Those CPR Dummies are Creepy!

Our class had our first of two sessions of CPR training last Monday, which consisted of all of sitting in the floor with our little dummies (I named mine George) and watching the cheeziest video produced by AHA. The guy in the video looked like Janitor from "Scrubs", but wasn't *quite* as funny... Our instructor told us that the AHA didn't like the way CPR was being taught, so they made up the video so that they had total control...all rightey then.

Why is it that whenever you KNOW you're going to be kneeling in the floor in front of 15 other people, you don't think ahead and wear pants that are two sizes too big and a shirt that's too short, so the band and half of your tighty-whiteys are on view for the whole class to see?

My partner for the class - Jenn - is a cute little blond that has a wonderfully bubbly personality. She and I had to run an unwitnessed-collapse scenario in front of the group, and I was told afterwards that none of the guys could criqitue us, because they were all rubbernecking to see her butt while she was doing compressions....I guess some things never change.

Just makes me sad, to remember back when I actually had an ass that guys checked out. Guess it's time to start jogging again, huh? I'm a firm believer that if I give up cigarettes and McDonalds, and become a size 4, and start a running program...I'll get hit by a car.

Ain't that always the case? :)

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